I am an energy healer & licensed acupuncturist.

One of my abilities is making people feel better, and I love to do it. There’s nothing too weird or out there for me. When you don’t know who to turn to or you feel like you’re out of options, give me a call.


“It’s up to us to break generational curses. When they say, ‘it runs in the family’, you tell them, ‘and this is where it runs out.”


A Simple Intention

I have seen and felt entities ever since I can remember. As a girl, I never felt fully safe in this world and that was partly because I could sense all of the energy and entities that are always around us.

I started to numb myself out by distracting myself with alcohol and relationship addiction early on at the age of 11. It took me decades to completely unwind and unravel that, and now that I’m clearer than ever, I can see with clarity what has really been going on under the surface with some of my clients and loved ones.

About 10 years ago, I started crossing spirits over. Most of the time, this would happen in my dreams. One night, a spirit who wanted my help woke me up in the middle of the night by crying loudly from another room in the house. I would have thought I was completely crazy, but the person I was sleeping with also heard his wails coming from my meditation room. I told this spirit that I would help him but I had boundaries and was not going to start doing this work in the middle of the night and that he needed to wait until morning. He agreed and was quiet the rest of the night. As soon as I got up, I went into my meditation room and helped this sad soul be free and cross over.

There are different forms of spirits, entities and attachments and not all of them cross over. Some of them return to other forms of consciousness to hopefully make different choices should they choose to come back to this planet.

Attachments aren’t to be feared necessarily, and I am not writing about this to scare anyone. My intention is to free as many souls from suffering as possible. In fact, I recently had a dream where I saw the number 10,000, as in I have a life mission to free 10,000 souls from low frequency attachments. That is a lofty goal that doesn’t necessarily translate well into a traditional business plan.

I offer my services with love to let you know that if you have a situation where nothing else has worked or lasted, where no one can seem to figure out what’s going on, if you are questioning your sanity or maybe you feel hopeless or lost or are afraid that you may have to live with said condition, I may be able to help. I am letting you know that I believe we all came here at this time and place on purpose. We all came here to remember our divinity, that we are sovereign and that we are free. It has become my life’s mission to help you remove anything that may be standing the in the way of fully embodying that on every level.


My Beliefs



I believe everything can be narrowed down to either love or fear. I was born naturally compassionate and empathic and have found that it is easy and natural for me to love everything and everyone fiercely, even the parts, places, things and people most would judge as ugly or unlovable. Because I have this natural inclination, holding a safe, unconditionally loving frequency is easy for me. I also have fierce, solid boundaries, which make me a good candidate for lovingly but strongly removing attachments and entities that are where they don’t belong.


I believe non-violence is always the answer. Because I am so naturally compassionate and empathic, I simply cannot handle it when anyone or anything is suffering. Growing up, if there was a fight in school, for example, I would feel as though I were going to vomit and never understood why anyone got excited about anyone getting hurt. This compassion extends to animals, plants, the planet, even to attachments and entities because the truth is that they are suffering also.


I believe we are always co-creating and that there are no victims. Now I know that’s a hard pill to swallow, especially when it comes to natural disasters, war, genocide, children and animals, but I believe that sub-consciously, either personally or collectively, whatever we experience, we agree to on some level. Now, I don’t pretend to have all of the answers or to completely understand all of the mysteries of life. I do feel like choosing to believe this is very empowering and helps to alleviate some of the suffering associated with seemingly mindless tragedies.

I believe that I don’t know anything. Don’t believe a word I say or take my word for anything. Take what works for you and discard what doesn’t. Just throw it out the window, call bullshit, whatever works for you. The second I think I ‘know’ something, I am almost immediately humbled, brought to my knees, and realize that I don’t really know anything. I have come to honor and appreciate the great mystery of life and am constantly learning and revising my beliefs and view of the world daily.