Transformational Energy/Body Work

3-hour session | Includes a 1-hour consultation
In-person: $555
Skype/phone: $444

Transformational energy/body work is an energy-based style of healing that utilizes universal life force energy to remove blockages and obstructions on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This returns flow and vitality to the organs and channels of the body. This removal of obstructions brings you back to yourself, allowing you to feel centered, grounded and have more clarity and vitality. It returns you to your natural blissful, ecstatic state. This reconnects you to your personal power, your intuition and to your heart.

The Process

Many times, people feel stuck. They know something is off or wrong, they just don’t know what to do about it. This style of energy work brings you back to yourself and allows you to fully show up in the world, free from shame, guilt and old programming. Parts of yourself that you may have judged as bad or painful can be fully embraced and often will prove themselves to be among your greatest gifts. I call this process the re-membering.

“There is nothing more potent than sexual energy for healing and there is nothing more powerful than a turned on human.”

The re-membering addresses the many ways we have become distracted and disconnected from ourselves. It brings us back to our true nature, reminding us of what is real and true: love, choice and freedom. It reminds us what it’s like to feel good in our body and why we came here.

The body-oriented re-membering, in addition to ancient practical wisdom, helps overcome life’s challenges and struggles, allowing us to become fully embodied, present and loving, so we may share that grace and compassion with the rest of the world.

Some topics that may be covered include:


sexual trauma • sacred sexuality • sexual dysfunction • miscarriage • abortion • frigidity • erectile dysfunction • premature ejaculation • prolonged ejaculation • sex as medicine • fetishes • porn/fantasy • body dysmorphia


cords of attachments • conditioning of mother/father • masculine/feminine dynamics in relationship • conscious relationship


understanding your blueprint • conditioning/programs • Gene Keys • divine feminine/masculine • orgasm as medicine • attracting abundance • tapping into creativity • nature as a teacher

Trauma & mental disorders

sexual trauma • physical abuse/trauma • verbal or emotional abuse/trauma • PTSD • depression • anxiety

Healthy Living

food as medicine • herbs • emotional eating • movement • escapism • dream interpretation • alcohol • drugs • marijuana • nourishment on every level


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